Kochanek - Realistic painting (part three)

In caricature the artist focuses on an interesting feature of his models face, a detail which also symbolizes some dominant feature of character. Caricature can be pleasant, of course, but in the worst case even malicious. My father practiced - as he said - moderate one but on some occasions he would shift to the "malicious type". Ideals, which artist tried to put into his work were preservation of traditional polish realistic painting of the XIX th and beginning of the XX th century - It reminds of the names such as brothers Giermyski, Stanislaw Wyspianski, Jan Matejko, Tadeusz Makowski and Jan Malczewski - as a continuator of the best artistic traditions from the past. To achieve this he cooperated for many years with Ogolnopolska Grupa Artystow Plastykow "Zacheta" a union of artists whose motto is: "Our goal is to spread and the love for beauty on as many people as possible, and the source of this beauty is in realistic painting".

Wojciech Kochanek

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