Kochanek - Realistic painting (part two)

Realistic art, realistic painting are something understandable for any human be him a worker from Nowa Huta, a highlander from Zakopane or old peasant woman from Kielecczyzna. Realism does not exclude variety of styles and artistic ways. Faithfulness to principles of realistic art, showed in love to the past long gone, is the main motif of my fathers work. During his artistic life he painted portraits of many people. There were portraits of scientists, beautiful ladies,and children. All those feature accuracy and precision of a camera, with addition of feelings and experiences of portrayed person. All anatomical features of the face - veins, wrinkles, play of light, eyes and lips - are precisely transferred on the canvas. He usually painted portraits using pastel colors, shades of green, red and blue. Their colors attract. So does their graciousness and power. He is specially keen on lilac shadows and bright red of Highlander's scarfs and other clothing. A lot of positive attention was drawn to him after he painted portrait "Goralka z Poronina" with blue sky in the background, enclosed with vast mountain range - portrayed woman on the background of dark green skirt ,on which a design of red roses is fixed, black fur and dark colors of the forest behind her. On her face a slight blush of confusion shows and in her posture - embarrassment of someone not used to being portrayed. Landscapes play an important role in his works. With his paintbrush my father created images which strike the viewer with amount of detail. An unforgettable artistic experience they are. They are characteristic for their precise line and mastery in operating with light colors. During his life he painted many landscapes, mostly picturing lands near Krosno, because those were most beloved by him. He also painted landscapes of Krakw.All those are painted with ease.Everything in them seems so simple and natural. My father was able to picture a whole range of moods in his landscapes. He shows his viewer old buildings, monuments, reminds him of design of traditional, historical Poland - thatched roofs and wooden log huts. Caricature has great importance in his work. He treated making caricatures of famous people as a pleasure, amusement and a way to detach himself from everyday life for a moment.

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