Stanislaw Kochanek was born in Jedlicz in 1905.He finished his artistic studies in "Szkola Przemyslu Artystycznego w Krakowie" in 1925. Later, being a graduate, presented his projects, drawings and caricatures in Paris on International Display of Decorative Art in 1925. In 1926 he began studying on "Akademia Sztuk Pieknych" in Krakow. He studied painting under guidance of Professor Fryderyk Pautsh, graphics under Professor Jan Wojnarski and scenography under Professor Karol Frycz. He graduated in 1932.

At Akademia Sztuk Pięknych in Kraków - 1932 Stanisław Kochanek in the middle wearing a scarf, at the top Leopold Lewicki with a model, on the top right Stanisław Osostowicz.

In 1939 in Suwalki - where he painted portraits of officers of "IV Dywizjon Altylerii Konnej" and scenes from unit's life - he organized the first display of his projects. After Poland was liberated he created "Zwiazek Artystów Plastyków"(Union of Artists) in Krosno and in 1945 became co-editor of art magazine "Sztuka i Życie". He was a co organizer of museum in Krosno, for many years he led art courses for Krosno's youth. He remained a realist all his life, an artist who thought heart and feelings to be more important than the technical aspect. He never subdued to changing trends, never went away to realm of art to which only few connoisseurs had access to. He remained faithful to his fans. He presented his work on displays in Krosno, Rzeszow, Przemyśl and Łańcut. In 1960 he joined artistic group "Zachęta" in Krakow. Together they display art in Warsaw, Krakow, Lublin, Radom, Rzeszow and Krosno. In 1963 Kochanek took part (as a member of "Zachęta" group) in display in Moscow and 12 other cities of today non-existing USSR, that including Lwow, Kijow, Odessa, Charkow, Summa, Zaporoże and Riga.

Plener ASP under guidance of Jan Wojnarski in Zakopane. First next to the easel, Stanisław Kochanek.

His painting titled "Góralka z Poronina" was reproduced in color in art magazines "Twórczestwo", "Iskustwo" and "Ogoniok". Among others, Boris Polewoj from Moscow gazette "Prawda" wrote "...Mr.Kochanek's work, so full of optimism, makes strong, long-lasting impression...".His last individual displays took place in Maria Konopnicka's Museum in Żarnowiec(1993) and in Bureau of Art Displays in Krosno(1994). One of the greatest Kochanek's works is undoubtedly a portrait of J.F.Kennedy made for Polonia University "Villa Maria College" in Buffalo and portrait of Fryderyk Chopin for "Towarzystwo im. F. Chopina", also in Buffalo. His works received high marks from American art experts and artist himself received an invitation for an individual display of his work in Albrecht Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, which is known to be spreading culture on American land for 65 years now. In his views Stanisław Kochanek was above all very national and faithful to national artistic traditions. Lively and optimistic mastery of the artist gives one more proof of Infinity of possibilities in realism, proof of its uniting and life-giving force.

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